Featured Treatments

Botulinum toxin Anti Wrinkle Injections


  • Botox® 2 areas- £290
  • Botox® 3 areas – £350
  • Botox® for *hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating – armpits, hands, forehead) from £400
  • Botox® migraine treatment – from £400
  • Botox® for neck or decoltage – from £300
  • Botox® for bruxizm/ lover face shapig – from £350
  • MezoBotox® for open pores , oil skin other indications – from £300

Juvederm, StyleAge, Teosyal


  • Lips, Nasolabial folds, Glabellar lines/Frown lines smothing – from £350
  • Cheeks shaping and volume – from £350
  • Tear Trough correction – from £500
  • Chin enhancement – from £350
  • Marionette lines- from £350
  • Jaw line (chin and profile shaping – from £600
  • Nose correction (Non surgical rhinoplasty) – from £500
  • Smokers lines correction – from £400
  • Face Volumetry, Forehead Volumetry, 8 point Face Lift, Hands rejuvenation

Stimulating & Enhancing beauty

Face & Neck

  • Hyaluronidase (HA dissolving). Consultation and dissolving of Hialuronic Acid administered by other practitioner- from £300
  • Biostimulating Dermal Fillers:
  • *Radiesse (semipermanent Hydroxyapatite of Calcium dermal filler for skin rejuvenation) – from £650/ 1.5ml
  • *Ellanse (semipermanent PCL dermal filler for restoring volume and contours trough collagen stimulation) – from 300£/ 1ml
  • Plasma Pen
  • Non Surgical Blepharoplasty- £450 per one session
  • Treatment for wrinkles around the mouth – smokers lines – £400 per one session
  • Treatments for other areas for wrinkles removal and face lifting – price decided after consultation with the Doctor

Revitalising, restoring and enhancing beauty


  • HIFU High-intensity focused ultrasound for skin tightening:
  • Full Face Lifting – from £900/session
  • Lover Face Lifting – from £700/session
  • Under Chin Lifting – from £300/session
  • Neck Lifting- from £600
  • Lover eyelid lifting – from £200/ session
  • Fraction NdJag Laser for Face and Body

Skin tightening, resurfacing, scars removal, pores minimasing, hyperpigmentation removal – one session from £300 ( price depends of the size of treated area)

Rejuvenate, regenerate and improve

Face & Neck

  • PDO/ PLLA Threads
  • Lover face with jaw line-from £450
  • Neck- from £500
  • Lover face and neck- from £850
  • Full face – from £950
  • Face and neck- from £1300
  • Face lifting from £1500/ £2500

Popular & bestselling treatments


  • PRP/PRF (Vampire Treatment-Platelate Reach Plasma/Platelate Reach Fibrine) for Face and Body 1 session £350/2 sessions £650/3 sessions £950
  • Cellular Matrix – £450/one session
  • Profhilo (Bioremodeling) 1 session £350/2 sessions £650/ 3 sessions £950
  • Microneedling (Dermapen) Face – £250 / Microneedling (Dermapen plusPRP) Face – £400
  • Carboxytherapy (Price varies depending of the size of treated area from £150 – £300 per session

Chemical peels from £150

Chemical peels from £150

A chemical peel is solution applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells. The aim is to improve the appearance of the skin – for example, by reducing age spots and evening out skin tone.



Gold 24k medical antioxidants facial from £550

Gold 24k medical antioxidants facial from £550

INVIGORATE Boost blood circulation; kick-starting the epidermis healing cycle and increasing skin cell rejuvenation.



IV infusions from £350 & Vitamins boosters from £100

IV infusions from £350

Fast & effective way for boosting energy. Specializes in overall well being & treatments with IV Therapy.



Thread veins removal from £150

Thread veins removal from £150

We provide outstanding service with highly qualified practitioners at competitive prices. Advanced Technology helps us give the best results our clients have come to expect of us.




Blood tests from £80

Blood tests from £80

We offer a wide range of private blood tests in London, with quick delivery of results.




Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

Non-cancerous Moles/skin tags/Cysts/wart/ milia, Campbell de Morgan spots, Verrucas, Toe nail fungus, Superficial Vascular Lesions, Keloid scars, Lentigo, Seborrheic/Actinic Keratoses




Regenerative Medicine & Integrated Medicine

Regenerative Medicine & Integrated Medicine

Regenerative medicine involves isolating regenerative cells from a healthy source, and introducing them into the body amplifying the body’s self-healing nature, which may help repair damaged tissue caused by injury, age or disease.





Private GP services from £100

Private GP services from £100

Professional Experienced Care For You and Your Family. Book For GP and Travel appointments. Same day and evening appointments available.





Meet the experts

Dr. Andrea Tomeo

Dr. Andrea Tomeo is a highly skilled Senior Physician & Training Manager with many years experience working in Medical Aesthetics & Clinical, Sports Medicine, Cosmetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, Integrated Medicine.

Dr. Andrea has a PhD in Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine and has delivered training programmes globally. He is a Faculty Member and CSO of the British Board of Aesthetic Science, and member of the Royal Society of Medicine and several other prestigious scientific associations. Dr Andrea graduated in Aesthetic Medicine PG master program from the Medical University in Nice, France.

Dr. Andrea says: “I’m a versatile professional with a strong international background in Medicine, Health and Wellness. I work in luxury environments with a large range of celebrities and patients based in the United States, Middle East, Asia and Europe and demonstrate a proactive and enthusiastic approach to innovative medical techniques.”

To book FREE consultation with Dr. Andrea Tomeo please call 07403451669

Meet the experts

Dr Małgorzata (Maggie) Staszek

Dr. Malgorzata is a highly experienced physician in Aesthetic Medicine. She graduated from the School of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging in Warsaw at Polish Medical Association.

Dr. Malgorzata has a diverse career in medicine, she has been a GP and an Anaesthesiologist. She is an active member of Save Face, accredited practitioners in London, as well as Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and several other prestigious scientific associations.

Dr. Malgorzata also really enjoyes teaching and runs advanced training programs where she helps candidates to develop the best practical skills in the aesthetic industry.

To book FREE consultation with Dr. Malgorzata please call 07376413595


Dr. Andrea Tomeo 07403451669

Dr. Malgorzata (Maggie) 07376413595

5 Upper Wimpole Street W1G 6BP

Popular Treatments

Rhinoplasty Surgery


As the central feature of the face, the nose can determine your overall look. A rhinoplasty is a procedure that can address the most common nose related concerns.

Face - Lift

Face Treatments

Remove defects and imperfections (as wrinkles or sagging skin) typical of aging. Get your face looking young and radiant.

Liposuction Surgery


Get your lips looking fuller and sexier! As well as relax the muscles in your face to smooth out lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and frown lines.

Double Chin Removal

Regenerative Medicine

Reverse the aging process and relieve chronic conditions with Cell Therapy.

We offer a wide range of the latest treatments to inspire confidence in men and women everywhere.

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